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Collegiate Novice 3 at Waterloo

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Once again, in Waterloo tradition, we will be live-blogging the tournament. Today is Collegiate Novice 3.

Stats can be found here. Pictures are now up, behind the cut.



KABO at Waterloo

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Today is the Waterloo mirror of KABO, Kurtis and Ashvin’s Backyard Open. We will also be running movies, myth, and tech side events.

I, Ming-Ho, made an attempt to live-blog this event. A few pictures follow after the cut.

The final statistics can be found here. We also have statistics for movies and tech and myth.


Welcome to Spring 2012!

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Hello, all! Guess what, it’s a new term, and surprise, we’re around again to play Quiz Bowl (and possibly other trivia)!

We’ve changed exec, yet again, since all/most of the first-years left. The executive list can be found on the left sidebar, in the appropriate place. We’ve also changed our meeting time significantly, compared to other terms. Please note that:

Meetings are Mondays, at 6 pm, in a room near MC 4044. We may be in, say, MC 4058, or 4045, or… etc.

We’re also going to try something a bit different this term, in order to get us writing questions so we don’t have to do bulk writing whenever we attend tournaments. That is, everyone should write at least one question, which can be a tossup or a bonus (all three parts), in the week before each meeting, and send them to me, at jahoran at uwaterloo dot ca . I’ll compile them, and we’ll playtest them at the beginning of each meeting. This way, we can practice writing and have some fun along the way, hopefully.

Some guidelines to writing are given on the sidebar, and we’ll discuss good question writing techniques as we go; for the time being, write questions on what interests you. Later on, we may start cracking down on some neglected areas. We’re currently unsure about tournaments in the spring, but we’ll divulge information as it becomes official what’s going down.

For meeting reminders and notifications of tournaments and whatnot straight to your inbox, as if you needed any more e-mail, sign up for our mailing list. You can also join our Facebook group!

Also, FEDS Clubs Day is May 10th and 11th, in the SLC Great Hall, from ~10 am to 3 pm. If you have any questions, come on by, and hopefully we’ll have someone there, with our spiffy(?) booth. Otherwise, hope to see everyone around!

- Joseph

Fall 2011 update

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It’s already the second month of the Fall term, and we’ve hit the ground running with an exciting term of Quiz Bowl!

We continue to meet on Thursdays, at 6:15 pm in MC 4044. If you would like to get more info about meetings and events, please subscribe to our mailing list on the sidebar.

We are hosting the Fall Novice tournament for high schools, tentatively on October 15th. If you’re interested in staffing, info will be sent through the mailing list.

Lastly, in some very exciting news, we have put in a bid for the 2012 NAQT Sectionals Championship Tournament! This will be held in early February, with myself as primary contact and Huma Zafar as tournament director (should our bid be accepted).

- Arjun

Welcome to Spring 2011!

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Hello everybody! Welcome back to Waterloo for another term of quizbowl!

Our meetings this term will continue to be at 6PM on Thursdays in MC 4044. Our second meeting this term will be tomorrow, May 12. If you’re interested in joining, I’d highly encourage you to attend this meeting. We’ll be introducing ourselves, and explaining what quizbowl is and what we do.

We’ll also be at Clubs Day in the SLC Great Hall on May 12 and 13, from 10AM to 3PM. If you have any questions, or just want to stop by and say hi, we’ll be there!

And finally, if you’d like up-to-date announcements on meetings and tournaments, you can subscribe to our mailing list.

That’s all for now. Hope to see you guys soon!

- Ming-Ho

Winter 2011 Wrap-Up

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Hey all,

This is your friendly neighbourhood UW QB Sec/Treas, here for one last post before I hand the job off to Yanna in the summer.

First, a note about club finances: We are not quite broke! This is good. We have a clean slate going into the summer term, unless something weird comes up.

Second, regarding BLASTOISE in Ottawa: Christine played on a team with Jay and Jordan from Toronto, and finished first after beating Ottawa A in a one-game playoff! Way to go! Stats are located in the appropriate section.

Third, stats are (finally) up for WATSIX; thank you, Ming-Ho! Henry took pictures, too, but the website doesn’t want to upload them, so I guess I can’t post them. Oh well.  There are more photos from Ottawa, as well, if anyone wants to see them.

I think that’s about it. Hopefully exams went well for everyone, and I wish everyone a great summer, and an awesome term if you’re back on campus.

EOT Updates

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Many many goings-on to report here!

BLASTOISE: Sadly, we had to cancel this tournament due to a lack of interest. However, one of our members, Christine Irwin, is heading up to Ottawa this weekend in order to compete in the main BLASTOISE event at Lisgar Collegiate. We wish her the best of luck!

MUT: On a cold weekend in March, Huma and I woke up disgustingly early and voyaged to Hamilton for McMaster’s mirror of MUT. We accomplished our primary objective of returning to Ohio State their buzzer set. As for the tournament…we placed last. However, making lemonade here, I’d say we did quite well given that we had only 2 people. Huma rocked it on literature, and I was surprisingly not useless. We won a game against McMaster in a tiebreaker, and many of the rest were quite close. Highlights included the discovery that MUT editors suck (several packs were missing questions entirely), and a tossup where a Mac player answered “fellatio” instead of “cheerleading”! Absolutely no pun was intended in that last sentence.

WATSIX: This tournament did pan out, and we ended up with 2 complete teams. Many thanks to all who showed up, and personally to Alex Akulov. Congratulations to Zorn’s Lemmings for winning, and to Brian Bi for being our highest scorer!! We are exploring plans to advertise WATSIX on hsqb for other universities to mirror as a side event.

Spring 2011 Exec: Our exec election did not completely pan out. I will announce the Spring 2011 executives once all three positions are filled.

EOT Bomber Night: We will be having our traditional EOT event Thursday March 31st at Bomber, where we will have dinner and play Trivial Pursuit!

WATSIX Math/CS Trivia Tournament

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[Full details on the Facebook event page]

The WATSIX Math/CS Trivia Tournament will take place on Wednesday March 23rd 2011, starting at 6 pm in the Math CnD.

You may compete individually, or as part of a team with at most 4 people.
Please sign up here.

There is a fee of $3 per person, which may be paid to any member of UW Quiz Bowl.

March Update

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The UW Quiz Bowl Club will be hosting two awesome events this month!

1) A mirror of the Bell-Lisgar Academic and Sexy Trash Open Inside the South-East (BLASTOISE) on Saturday March 12th.

2) A Math/CS exclusive tournament held in conjunction with MathSoc for UW students. Date TBA.

Other news: The Winter 2011 exec will all be out of Waterloo next term. Hence, I will be calling an exec election for Spring 2011 near end of term. If you will be on campus or in/around Waterloo next term, and would like to run for an executive position, please plan to attend the election. If you cannot attend, you may email in a short platform.

The positions of President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer are wide open. Note that Secretary/Treasurer is occupied by one person. President and Vice-President are traditionally held by two separate people. An exception was made this term due to a combination of apathy and me just being so gosh-darn awesome.

- p-vs-vp

SCT Blog, Sunday!

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Well, we’re back in Waterloo, (semi-)triumphant, and utterly exhausted. But what’s new?

After sleeping for an unspecified number of hours, probably somewhere under 7, we all managed to get up this morning. Andrew and I did assignments for a while, eventually joined by Daniel M and Huma. Eventually we got everyone up, and ready to check out, when I realized I had lost my scarf. And then I misplaced my key in one of my pockets. Got everything sorted out, but it took way too damn long. There is apparently a picture of me, but Henry has it and I didn’t bother to pick it up. Maybe later. Photos will hopefully be added at some point, for the two posts without them.

We walked over to the Byward Market for an “official” breakfast of authentic oven-baked bagels. They were quite good. We then split the band. That is to say, Daniel M and Henry visited a games shop on Elgin Street while Huma, Dmitry, Andrew and I went to the Parliament Buildings, and checked out the Peace Tower/Memorial Chamber, not to forget about the boutique. After meeting up again by the fountain in front of Parliament, we headed over to Confederation Park, where we checked out the ice sculptures for the first or second time, and met up with Daniel R and James. We were subjected to Rogers sponsorship and vaguely interesting Chinese culture performances, which may or may not have made our wait there any more enjoyable.

After walking back to the Inn, we threw our stuff in the van, directed Dmitry as to how to manuever the vehicle out of the itty-bitty parking lot, and high-tailed it out of the city. Here, I mention that I am not a small person. That is all. Anyways, we all basically slept from Ottawa to Kingston, where we stopped at Wendy’s for food. Nothing special, really.

Piling back into the van, we took off for the home stretch. Some of us did more homework, some blared some loud music via headphones while their laptops lasted (pick me, pick me!); others talked, played Elite Beat Agents, etc. After a while, we ended up arguing about the ethics of marajuana, smoking, the inner workings of the brain, and other polarizing topics. In fact, one might say that we were quite attracted to the discussion.


We ended up reading the majority of the last Div 1 packet that was left unplayed from the tournament to pass the last little while before we started to drop everyone off, in spite of threats from James and myself at the beginning of the trip back that we would maim anyone actually playing Quiz Bowl today. In any case, everyone was dropped off at some point, and most of us went immediately to Facebook, which is typical. Some of us lost/left things in the van and/or forgot to correctly allot to other people their belongings, which is also typical. Oh well.

Thus ends UW Quiz Bowl’s voyage to Ottawa for SCT, 2011. Let’s hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend; we can’t wait to have at it next year! Let’s also hope that my blog was a good read. See everyone on Thursday (I hope).

~ Joseph, UW QB Secretary/Treasurer