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THUNDER II, Harry Potter Trash

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This is the live-blog of the event. Pictures follow behind the cut.

Post-tournament announcements are here, and all stats are linked from here.

7:57 PM Well, the Harry Potter event started and finished. Congratulations to Radu, Arjun, Vanessa, and Sameer! Unfortunately, we did not have time for Eyes That Do Not See II.

Thanks to everybody for coming, and have a safe trip home!

6:02 PM Congratulations to Ohio State A! We are now taking sign-ups for the side events.

5:53 PM And we are done! Announcing the winners soon, and we will then begin the side events.

5:09 PM We have an all-American (or rather, all-Ohio) final! Ohio State A defeats Mac B (280-160) and Ohio State B defeats Toronto (250-165). In the bye round, Mac A defeats Waterloo (205-45). So now we have Ohio State A vs Ohio State B in the final, and in the bye rounds, Mac A vs Mac B and Toronto vs Waterloo.

4:20 PM First playoff round has completed. Mac B defeats Mac A (160-115) and moves on to face Ohio State A. Ohio State B defeats Waterloo (185-35) and moves on to face Toronto. In the shocking bye round, Ohio State A defeats Toronto, 320-125. The last time they faced off, Ohio State A won by only 10 points.

3:45 PM Round robin stats are now online.

3:33 PM And now we’re off for the finals! After the round robin, Ohio State A leads with a 4-1 record and 15.57 P/B. Toronto follows very closely with a 4-1 record and 15.10 P/B. Next we have Ohio State B at 3-2. Then Mac B (12.50 P/B) and Mac A (11.35 P/B), both at 2-3, with Waterloo at 0-5. Jordan (Toronto) is the leading scorer, with 50.00 PPG.

3:17 PM First game of round five is done. Entering stats.

2:54 PM Here are the round four stats. Ohio State A defeated Toronto, which puts both of them with 3-1 records. However, Toronto leads very narrowly by P/B (15.37 to Ohio State A’s 15.00). Jacob (Ohio State A) has overtaken Jordan (Toronto) as the top scorer, with 52.50 PPG. Jordan follows very closely with 48.75 PPG.

2:29 PM Not all teams left for lunch at the same time, but we’re all back now. Due to the rather late start, we’ve had to revise our tournament schedule. We were originally going to play a double round robin, with five rounds each. Instead, we are going to finish the round robin, and then have a three-round playoff. This means we’ll have four games after lunch instead of seven.

1:33 PM Time for lunch!

1:03 PM Toronto is undefeated. Ohio State A and Mac B follow, with two wins each. Jordan (Toronto) has taken the lead as top individual, with 53.33 PPG. He is followed by Jacob (Ohio State A) with 46.67 PPG and Craig (Mac B) at 43.33 PPG.

12:53 PM Round three sheets are in. Round four has started. A slight change of plans – we’ll be having lunch after this round, instead of after round five, due to the late start. I’m also encouraging people to eat at the Student Life Centre instead of the plaza.

12:23 PM Mac B and Toronto are undefeated. Mac B leads with PPG but Toronto is ahead in P/B. Craig (Mac B) continues to lead with 65 PPG, and is trailed by Jacob (Ohio State A) with 47.5 PPG.

12:14 PM Second round scoresheets are now in.

11:42 AM An interesting anecdote – Andrew (Waterloo) told me that the points they got in the first round were because of an offhand comment I made earlier in the morning. I haven’t seen the packets, so it’s an interesting coincidence!

11:28 AM All stats are now in. First round stats: Toronto, Mac B, and Ohio State B won their games. Toronto leads in both P/B and PPG. Craig (Mac B) leads the individuals, with 80 PPG. Alex (Toronto), Kirun (Ohio State A), and Andrew (Mac A) follow with 40 PPG.

11:13 AM Another game is done!

11:08 AM First game is done! Time to enter scores into the system.

10:33 AM And we are about to begin!

10:14 AM McMaster has now arrived! And since they have buzzers, I am pleased to report that there will be no slap-rooms at this tournament.

9:24 AM Ohio State has arrived! Now we’re just waiting for McMaster.

9:20 AM Toronto has arrived! Unfortunately, they did not bring buzzers. But everything should work out if McMaster and Ohio State bring their buzzers.

8:53 AM We’ve got teams from Toronto, McMaster, and Ohio State! Unfortunately, the weather’s kinda bad. Hope all the teams can make it here safely.

8:48 AM So it’s another tournament day at Waterloo, and I’m going to once again attempt to liveblog the event!

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