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Hello all,

This is your other member of the Exec this term, Joseph, here to blog SCT in Ottawa! Hopefully this isn’t absolutely terrible. Who am I kidding; I passed the ELPE, so I’m golden.

Our teams are as follows:

Div 1: James, Huma, Daniel M, Joseph.
Div 2: Andrew, Henry, Christine, Daniel R.

Daniel M and I blame Eric for us being doomed to play Div 1. Forever. Anyways!

We left UW at about 4 pm, half an hour later than expected but 2 hours earlier than if we were McMaster. This joke was made leaving Waterloo; much laughter ensued. Christine left earlier, making the trip by herself; this is a good thing, since our driving scenario was somewhat interesting; no details will be given here. What happens in the Quiz-mobile, stays in the Quiz-mobile. Unless I divulge this information in the blog. Or stories are told, etc. Whatever.

We played four and a half SCT Div 1 packets on the way to Ottawa. We did decently well, for it being Div 1. Hopefully this translates into a reasonable showing at the tournament. But so much for doing homework on the road. Oh well. We stopped in Kingston at a Taco Bell/KFC hybrid restaurant around quarter to 8; we managed to somehow just order chicken, and not the bargain bucket, so we didn’t get any fries. It’s probably for the best. Our collective arteries aren’t very impressed with us, in any case. Huma was the smartest of us all; she didn’t have anything. After the meal break, we left Kingston around 8:40, having changed seating positions. Basically, the second half of the trip was the same as the first half, just more so in the dark.

We arrived in Ottawa at 10:22, says Andrew. We made the trip in… just over six hours, with a dinner break. Wow. Way to go Dmitry. We’re impressed. After dropping off James and Daniel R, we made it to the Ottawa Backpackers’ Inn, where we checked in and proceeded to blow floor(100*pi) dollars on the beds and parking. We’ve made ourselves at home, mostly chilling on our laptops or reading, and avoiding going to bed, which is probably what we should be doing instead. We have to be at the tournament at 9 am, sharp.

Henry’s brought his camera, so we’ll have some pictures to put up at some point, too. We’ll see how I do figuring that stuff out.

Oh hey, there we go. Alright, that’s probably enough for tonight. We’ve got a busy day ahead of us.

~ Joseph, UW QB Secretary/Treasurer

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