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SCT Blog, Saturday

Posted by Secretary/Treasurer to Tournaments  

So, as I write this, it happens to be Sunday morning. As in, roughly 2 am. Whoops.

The day started off somewhat uneventful; we got up at various times, and eventually all left for the university. Unfortunately, we decided to get breakfast. James came and got us; apparently everyone else actually showed up roughly on time. Epic fail.

Once the tournament started, though, we got right into the swing of things. James was insane, Huma knew her lit, and Daniel and I helped out here and there. Nothing really crazy to report, aside from James, although we had a couple close matches in the first six. We were 3-3 at the lunch break, in two games against Western, and one each against Macs A and B, and Toronto A and B; wins against Mac A/B and Toronto B. Then pizza! And more pizza!

After the break, we got right back to it, with two games against the Macs, and two games against the Torontos; wins against Mac A/B and Toronto B. Last game was Toronto A; we ended up down 45 going into the last question; I nail an Angular Momentum tossup, but unfortunately it’s not power. I tried! Oh well. This placed us at 6-4, and in 3rd place! So we made it into the upper bracket. We then proceeded to play Western to the last question: down 15, we called timeout with 2 seconds left. Then, last question. Clues are read… Western buzzes.

Western negs. James gets it. James gets one of the bonus question. Game over. UW A > Western.

We then played Toronto A, playing them to a 5 point lead going into the last question. … And bam, pure math question: Fields, their pure mathie nails it, game over. They beat us at our own game. Oh well. That was essentially the end of the tournament; Toronto A wins, Western second, us third.

We proceed to check on our Div 2 team; they did pretty good. They didn’t come last! The official stats should be up sometime soon; we’ll link when it happens. Congrats to all of us who participated today; hopefully we all had fun.

Tournament over: after dropping off some stuff at the inn, we walked around downtown Ottawa, looking for a place to eat. We found Dunn’s, a nice sort of sandwich place; the food was pretty good, though Andrew and Huma didn’t bother. After dropping Christine off at the bus terminal, we went to the Byward Market and found more food; me, Dmitry, Daniels R and M, and I had beavertails! What an interesting experience. We left Daniel R to be picked up, so hopefully he is okay; I proceeded to also ditch the party, to meet a couple friends of mine. Thus I have no idea what happened to them: I suspect that visits were made to Québec, and to the ice sculptures at Confederation Park.

So Saturday was good. We’ll see what happens today. The plan is to leave around noon, so we’ll see what time we’ll get back. By the way, we’ll see if/when we want to post pictures from the trip. Probably.

~ Joseph, UW QB Secretary/Treasurer

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