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SCT Blog, Sunday!

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Well, we’re back in Waterloo, (semi-)triumphant, and utterly exhausted. But what’s new?

After sleeping for an unspecified number of hours, probably somewhere under 7, we all managed to get up this morning. Andrew and I did assignments for a while, eventually joined by Daniel M and Huma. Eventually we got everyone up, and ready to check out, when I realized I had lost my scarf. And then I misplaced my key in one of my pockets. Got everything sorted out, but it took way too damn long. There is apparently a picture of me, but Henry has it and I didn’t bother to pick it up. Maybe later. Photos will hopefully be added at some point, for the two posts without them.

We walked over to the Byward Market for an “official” breakfast of authentic oven-baked bagels. They were quite good. We then split the band. That is to say, Daniel M and Henry visited a games shop on Elgin Street while Huma, Dmitry, Andrew and I went to the Parliament Buildings, and checked out the Peace Tower/Memorial Chamber, not to forget about the boutique. After meeting up again by the fountain in front of Parliament, we headed over to Confederation Park, where we checked out the ice sculptures for the first or second time, and met up with Daniel R and James. We were subjected to Rogers sponsorship and vaguely interesting Chinese culture performances, which may or may not have made our wait there any more enjoyable.

After walking back to the Inn, we threw our stuff in the van, directed Dmitry as to how to manuever the vehicle out of the itty-bitty parking lot, and high-tailed it out of the city. Here, I mention that I am not a small person. That is all. Anyways, we all basically slept from Ottawa to Kingston, where we stopped at Wendy’s for food. Nothing special, really.

Piling back into the van, we took off for the home stretch. Some of us did more homework, some blared some loud music via headphones while their laptops lasted (pick me, pick me!); others talked, played Elite Beat Agents, etc. After a while, we ended up arguing about the ethics of marajuana, smoking, the inner workings of the brain, and other polarizing topics. In fact, one might say that we were quite attracted to the discussion.


We ended up reading the majority of the last Div 1 packet that was left unplayed from the tournament to pass the last little while before we started to drop everyone off, in spite of threats from James and myself at the beginning of the trip back that we would maim anyone actually playing Quiz Bowl today. In any case, everyone was dropped off at some point, and most of us went immediately to Facebook, which is typical. Some of us lost/left things in the van and/or forgot to correctly allot to other people their belongings, which is also typical. Oh well.

Thus ends UW Quiz Bowl’s voyage to Ottawa for SCT, 2011. Let’s hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend; we can’t wait to have at it next year! Let’s also hope that my blog was a good read. See everyone on Thursday (I hope).

~ Joseph, UW QB Secretary/Treasurer

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