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March Update

Posted by Vice President to Club Business,Tournaments  

The UW Quiz Bowl Club will be hosting two awesome events this month!

1) A mirror of the Bell-Lisgar Academic and Sexy Trash Open Inside the South-East (BLASTOISE) on Saturday March 12th.

2) A Math/CS exclusive tournament held in conjunction with MathSoc for UW students. Date TBA.

Other news: The Winter 2011 exec will all be out of Waterloo next term. Hence, I will be calling an exec election for Spring 2011 near end of term. If you will be on campus or in/around Waterloo next term, and would like to run for an executive position, please plan to attend the election. If you cannot attend, you may email in a short platform.

The positions of President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer are wide open. Note that Secretary/Treasurer is occupied by one person. President and Vice-President are traditionally held by two separate people. An exception was made this term due to a combination of apathy and me just being so gosh-darn awesome.

- p-vs-vp

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