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EOT Updates

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Many many goings-on to report here!

BLASTOISE: Sadly, we had to cancel this tournament due to a lack of interest. However, one of our members, Christine Irwin, is heading up to Ottawa this weekend in order to compete in the main BLASTOISE event at Lisgar Collegiate. We wish her the best of luck!

MUT: On a cold weekend in March, Huma and I woke up disgustingly early and voyaged to Hamilton for McMaster’s mirror of MUT. We accomplished our primary objective of returning to Ohio State their buzzer set. As for the tournament…we placed last. However, making lemonade here, I’d say we did quite well given that we had only 2 people. Huma rocked it on literature, and I was surprisingly not useless. We won a game against McMaster in a tiebreaker, and many of the rest were quite close. Highlights included the discovery that MUT editors suck (several packs were missing questions entirely), and a tossup where a Mac player answered “fellatio” instead of “cheerleading”! Absolutely no pun was intended in that last sentence.

WATSIX: This tournament did pan out, and we ended up with 2 complete teams. Many thanks to all who showed up, and personally to Alex Akulov. Congratulations to Zorn’s Lemmings for winning, and to Brian Bi for being our highest scorer!! We are exploring plans to advertise WATSIX on hsqb for other universities to mirror as a side event.

Spring 2011 Exec: Our exec election did not completely pan out. I will announce the Spring 2011 executives once all three positions are filled.

EOT Bomber Night: We will be having our traditional EOT event Thursday March 31st at Bomber, where we will have dinner and play Trivial Pursuit!

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