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Winter 2011 Wrap-Up

Posted by Secretary/Treasurer to Club Business,Results,Tournaments  

Hey all,

This is your friendly neighbourhood UW QB Sec/Treas, here for one last post before I hand the job off to Yanna in the summer.

First, a note about club finances: We are not quite broke! This is good. We have a clean slate going into the summer term, unless something weird comes up.

Second, regarding BLASTOISE in Ottawa: Christine played on a team with Jay and Jordan from Toronto, and finished first after beating Ottawa A in a one-game playoff! Way to go! Stats are located in the appropriate section.

Third, stats are (finally) up for WATSIX; thank you, Ming-Ho! Henry took pictures, too, but the website doesn’t want to upload them, so I guess I can’t post them. Oh well. ┬áThere are more photos from Ottawa, as well, if anyone wants to see them.

I think that’s about it. Hopefully exams went well for everyone, and I wish everyone a great summer, and an awesome term if you’re back on campus.

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