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Welcome to Spring 2012!

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Hello, all! Guess what, it’s a new term, and surprise, we’re around again to play Quiz Bowl (and possibly other trivia)!

We’ve changed exec, yet again, since all/most of the first-years left. The executive list can be found on the left sidebar, in the appropriate place. We’ve also changed our meeting time significantly, compared to other terms. Please note that:

Meetings are Mondays, at 6 pm, in a room near MC 4044. We may be in, say, MC 4058, or 4045, or… etc.

We’re also going to try something a bit different this term, in order to get us writing questions so we don’t have to do bulk writing whenever we attend tournaments. That is, everyone should write at least one question, which can be a tossup or a bonus (all three parts), in the week before each meeting, and send them to me, at jahoran at uwaterloo dot ca . I’ll compile them, and we’ll playtest them at the beginning of each meeting. This way, we can practice writing and have some fun along the way, hopefully.

Some guidelines to writing are given on the sidebar, and we’ll discuss good question writing techniques as we go; for the time being, write questions on what interests you. Later on, we may start cracking down on some neglected areas. We’re currently unsure about tournaments in the spring, but we’ll divulge information as it becomes official what’s going down.

For meeting reminders and notifications of tournaments and whatnot straight to your inbox, as if you needed any more e-mail, sign up for our mailing list. You can also join our Facebook group!

Also, FEDS Clubs Day is May 10th and 11th, in the SLC Great Hall, from ~10 am to 3 pm. If you have any questions, come on by, and hopefully we’ll have someone there, with our spiffy(?) booth. Otherwise, hope to see everyone around!

- Joseph

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