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KABO at Waterloo

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Today is the Waterloo mirror of KABO, Kurtis and Ashvin’s Backyard Open. We will also be running movies, myth, and tech side events.

I, Ming-Ho, made an attempt to live-blog this event. A few pictures follow after the cut.

The final statistics can be found here. We also have statistics for movies and tech and myth.

19:49 Well, I guess we’re done. Teams have left, and we’ve cleaned up. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, it’s been hectic and I’m tired. Thanks to all the teams for showing up and see you next tournament!

19:24 We finished seven rounds of tech a few minutes ago. I won that side event. Also myth just finished six rounds. I hear Aayush won or at least “was killing everyone.”

16:54 We’re now dispersing to do all three side-events concurrently.

16:40 Missed some blogging, but Ottawa just defeated Mac A in a one-game advantaged final. Congratulations to Ottawa for winning the main tournament. Now we will probably do prizes/announcements/break and then continue to side-events.

15:23 Westmount just defeated Guelph. Next up we have Mac B vs Westmount. I think Joseph will be reading this round.

14:47 Guleph defeated Mac B. Now it’s Guelph vs Westmount. I’m back to reading for this round.

14:10 A bit behind in updating. Westmount beat Mac B. Now Joseph is reading for Guelph vs Mac B in the lower bracket room.

13:27 Started the last round robin game. Westmount vs Mac B in here. Joseph is reading so I can take a break.

13:17 We’ve finished two (or three?) rounds of movies at lunch so far. Craig is in the lead with 160, followed by Nick at 115.

12:23 Due to delays, I’ve fallen a bit behind schedule. The score is 115-40 for Mac A. Also, we had two powers in this room! And now it’s time for lunch.

11:49 A few delays here in this room… now we’re starting.

11:43 Looks like I’m finally warmed up. Final score is 75-50 for Guelph. Also, we had our first power in this room. Next we have Guelph vs Mac A.

11:11 Finished round 2. Still looks like I’m running behind schedule… The score is 160-80 for Mac A. Now it’s Guelph vs Mac B.


Mac B (plus Waterloo free agent)

10:33 Just finished round 1, sounds like some other room finished before. 220-70 for Ottawa. Now we have Westmount vs Mac A.

Part of Westmount (plus Waterloo free agent)

Part of Mac A

09:55 Looks like we’re getting started. I have Ottawa vs Centennial in my room.


Ex-Centennial, or “Centennial,” or Centennial

09:49 Looks like I’m reading in the room with the new buzzers. Yes, Waterloo has a new buzzer set, and this is the first time we’re using them!

09:30 Well, it’s now 9:30. I don’t know why I’m always optimistic about quizbowl tournaments starting on time…

09:21 And now Mac has arrived!

09:19 Guelph has arrived!

08:50 Ottawa and ex-Centennial have arrived, and it’s not even 9:00!

08:40 We’re pretty much set up now. A minor hiccup as one of the rooms we booked is being cleaned, so we have HQ for one of our game rooms. Now to wait for teams to arrive…

08:15 Arrived at MC, the building we’re playing the tournament in. We have new buzzers!

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