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Collegiate Novice 3 at Waterloo

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Once again, in Waterloo tradition, we will be live-blogging the tournament. Today is Collegiate Novice 3.

Stats can be found here. Pictures are now up, behind the cut.


15:23 And we just presented prizes to Guelph and the top scorers. Guess that’s it for Collegiate Novice, see you all back here for ACF Fall on November 3!

15:16 Final score: 345-190. Congratulations to the winner of the tournament, Guelph! Back to the central room for thanks and prizes.

15:04 After ten questions, the score is 190-95 for Guelph.

14:51 OK, so the final is Guelph vs Western, and it’s a sudden-death final.

14:48 Playoffs are done, people are gathering back in the central room. But it looks like we still need a final between the top two teams.

13:19 We’re about to start the playoffs. Jj is making some announcements… and we’re off!

12:48 We have some post-round-robin stats. Western and Waterloo B are tied with four wins each (Waterloo B has a slightly higher bonus conversion). Guelph joins them in the upper-bracket of the playoffs. McMaster A, McMaster B, and Waterloo A are in the lower bracket. Daniel A (Western) and Brendan (Guelph) are tied at 71.00 PPG, with Vinay (Waterloo B) next at 56.00 PPG. We expect to start the playoffs at 13:15.

12:15 We just finished round 5, the last one of the round robin. It’s difficult to live-blog when moderating or scorekeeping, so sorry for the lack of updates. Anyway, time for lunch.

09:42 Let the games begin!

09:40 Whoops, I got drafted into the skit to demonstrate a bonus question.

09:37 It’s a short skit demonstrating how quizbowl works!

09:32 Opening announcements (or something) from our TD and president, Jj.

09:26 Overheard: “It’s a new record, we’re only thirty minutes behind schedule!”

09:21 We’ve confirmed that we will have six teams today. 2 Waterloo, 2 McMaster, 1 Guelph, 1 Western.

09:17 We asked teams to show up at 9AM, so now we’re starting to see teams showing up. There’s Guelph (thanks for bringing buzzers!), McMaster, and a lot of Waterloo people for some number of house teams.

08:37 It’s a beautiful fall day for a tournament. I arrived pretty early, and plotted a path to the plaza for when teams need lunch. (Because of all the construction, I had to check that my memory was consistent with reality.) The tournament is held in J. R. Coutts Engineering Lecture Hall (or Rod Coutts Hall or RCH) which is different from our usual Mathematics and Computer Building (MC). The building is a bit harder to find, but I think it’s easier to find the rooms within the building.

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