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ACF Novice Today!

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The Waterloo mirror of the Early Autumn Collegiate Novice Tournament (ACF Novice) was held on October 2, 2010. Toronto, Guelph, and four Waterloo teams participated. Toronto won, with Waterloo 1 coming second. Congratulations to Toronto, and thanks to everybody for showing up and playing!

Final stats can be found here, and the preliminary rounds stats are here.

The event was live-blogged, complete with pictures.

6:13 PM And we’re done! Thanks to all the teams that participated, and congratulations to Toronto and runners-up Waterloo 1!

6:03 PM Toronto defeats Waterloo 1, 345-130. We are now going to the “command centre” to make final announcements and award prizes.

5:50 PM Halftime scores, 90-160 for Toronto.

5:39 PM Playoff results are up. The final game is about to begin, with Waterloo 1 playing Toronto.

5:35 PM All the scoresheets are in and entered. Generating the report, and we’ll be putting them up on the board. They will be put online shortly.

5:29 PM Toronto defeats Waterloo 1, 325-185. Waiting for the last game. Scores will be up, and then the finals.

5:01 PM Second playoff round scores are in: Toronto, Waterloo 1, Waterloo 4, Waterloo 3, Waterloo 2, Guelph. Waterloo 1 is playing against Toronto in this room. If Waterloo 1 wins this game, they’re tied with Toronto. Michael and Jessica (both Toronto) are still the top individuals, but they had an exhibition game last round, so their scores haven’t been updated yet.

4:38 PM Waterloo 1 just beat Waterloo 4, 245-230. Close game! Waiting for the other game to finish up.

4:26 PM Waterloo 1 vs Waterloo 4 is 150-130 at halftime.

4:24 PM Results after first playoff round. Toronto, Waterloo 4, Waterloo 1, Waterloo 2, Waterloo 3, Guelph. Top two individuals are Michael and Jessica, both of Toronto, with 59.17 PPG and 42.50 PPG respectively. Note that the scores are a little wild now, as there is one exhibition game (where the two tiers crossover) per round.

4:10 PM Toronto just beat Waterloo 4 in the first game of the playoff rounds. An interesting development, as Waterloo 4 was the only team that beat Toronto in the preliminaries!

3:45 PM Preliminary stats are now up.

3:38 PM As the scores are being tabulated, everybody’s having some fun with drawings on the chalk boards.

3:27 PM Final round completed, now people are gathering in the “command centre” as I begin to tabulate the final scores. They’ll be posted and uploaded in a few moments.

3:01 PM Round 4 stats are done. We have three teams tied with 3-1 records. The standings: Toronto, Waterloo 1, Waterloo 4, Waterloo 2, Waterloo 3, Guelph. For individuals, Michael (Toronto) continues to lead with 63.75 PPG. Andrew (Waterloo 3) has moved to second place, but he has played only one game. Stephen (Waterloo 2) is next, at 38.75 PPG.

2:44 PM We’re back from lunch, and waiting for a teams to get back. Scores will be up shortly.

1:45 PM Time for lunch! Scores will be up when we’re back.

1:23 PM We just had a good contender for “Worst Neg.” Packet 4, tossup 7.

1:20 PM We will be going for lunch after Round 4. The standings after Round 3: Toronto, Waterloo 2, Waterloo 1, Waterloo 4, Waterloo 3, Guelph. The top four teams are tied by win/loss record with 2-1. Let’s see what happens. For individuals, Michael (Toronto) has pulled ahead of Stephen (Waterloo 2), with 65 PPG and 51.67 PPG, respectively.

1:08 PM Round 3 scores are in. Time to enter them in. Round 4 is about to begin. We have Waterloo 2 vs Toronto in this room. Aaron and Dmitry are playing “written quizbowl” in the room.

1:03 PM Just waiting for Guelph vs Toronto to finish up. Last tossup is being read right now.

12:34 PM Toronto vs Waterloo 3 (335-85) has shaken the standings! Current standings: Waterloo 1, Toronto, Waterloo 2, Waterloo 4, Waterloo 3, Guelph. Leading scorers are Michael (Toronto) and Stephen (Waterloo 2), with 50 PPG each.

12:26 PM Round 3 is about to begin. I’m entering the Round 2 scores now.

12:20 PM Visited the other rooms, to take a look at what was going on.

12:07 PM Current standings: Waterloo 3, Waterloo 1, Waterloo 4, Waterloo 2, Toronto, Guelph. Leading scorer is a tie between Allen (Waterloo 4) and Andrew (Waterloo 3), both with 40 PPG. Note that this is only the first round, and scores will fluctuate wildly.

12:02 PM A bit of a glitch – the teams were given to me in a mixed-up order and I didn’t realize there were no powers, so I had to re-enter the first round scores. Generating the report now.

11:40 AM First round is over, and the scoresheets are in. Time to enter scores into the system.

10:57 AM I’m in MC 4044, where we have Waterloo 3 vs Waterloo 2. FYI this is the buzzer room. We also have a scorekeeper from Guelph.

10:56 AM And we are ready to go! Off to sit in a room and observe. (I’m statskeeper, so I won’t have much to do until scoresheets come in.)

10:52 AM We’re about to start. Huma’s explaining the rules and general logistics right now.

10:42 AM Guelph has arrived now! Just need to get their fees and names.

10:39 AM Just waiting for Guelph now… Waterloo 1′s team name is coming in.

10:26 AM There is at least one reader of this live-blog now! More teams being formed now. Waterloo 1 and 2 are entered into the system.

10:16 AM Toronto and Guelph have arrived, and we have two (?) Waterloo teams now. Starting to get a bit loud/lively here.

9:52 AM People are finally beginning to trickle in!

9:19 AM We accidentally set up the buzzers in the room with the lower-tier playoffs. Whoops! It’s fixed now, so the finals will be played with buzzers.

9:10 AM Whoops, teams are supposed to arrive at 10:00. Well, at least we’re all set up now.

9:00 AM Teams are supposed to arrive now, but none have shown up yet. We’re beginning to set up rooms.

8:41 AM I arrived early to MC 4045. Looks like we have six teams and two (?) slap rooms due to lack of buzzers.

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